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A Prayer for Peace in a Time of War

Master of the Universe, Compassionate One, Lord of Justice,

Have mercy and save Your children who dwell in Your Land of Israel. Save them from the sword of their enemy, safeguard them from death, protect them from danger, and shelter them from fear. Send Your light to mend the broken spirits of bereft orphans, of bereaved parents, of weeping husbands and wives, of grieving siblings, and of anguished friends who have lost those who are dear to them. Grant complete recovery to the wounded and the stricken and give courage and strength, hope and vision, to Your people and to Your land.

Lord of Justice, avenge us of these vile murderers: those who send them and those who incite them, those who lead them and those who help them.  Punish our enemies all over the world, who afflict and disparage us, whose hate knows no reason. Undo their plans of destruction, so the nations will know that You avenge the blood of Your faithful.

Master of the Universe, enable the nations of the world to remove the hardened hatred from their hearts. Shine the light of discernment on those who give credence to lies, and enlighten those who listen to libelous dogmas. Send the spirit of morality and justice into Your world. Help humanity to build and to plant, to support the merciful in righting the ways of the world.

Compassionate One, who is true to the Covenant, the time has arrived for You to send a message of salvation and redemption to Your world, to comfort all of Your children, and bestow upon them an era of peace and blessing, light and joy.


                                            Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz

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