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Be Part of the Miracles

One People. One Heart. One Family.


Here's how you can help:

Thanks to a tremendous outpouring of love, support and unity, there's no shortage of ways to help Israel at this critical time. Below are links to organizations and projects anyone anywhere can be a part of:

A campaign to transform the Jewish unity bestowed upon us by Eyal, Gil-Ad, and Naftali into a lasting reality for our entire Nation

Click here for a list of over 38 different organizations and projects formed to help the soldiers and people of Israel during Operation Protective Edge.

Get matched with an individual Israeli Soldier, then do one of three things in their merit and protection:

1.Do acts of kindness 2. Pray 3. Learn Torah.

It's guard duty for the rest of us. Sign up today!

Thank Our Soldiers & Support Businesses

Sponsor a pie of pizza for our soldiers and support struggling businesses

in the south!

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