Believe in Miracles

Pray For Our Soldiers and the Jewish People

The most powerful weapon in the Jewish People's arsenal is, was and always shall be prayer. Now perhaps more than ever in our lifetime, G-d is waiting for and listening to our prayers. Whether that prayer is in your own words, from a siddur (prayer book) or from a passage in our Bible, your sincere, heart-felt prayers count and are added to the myriad of prayers and blessings that make up the spiritual armor protecting the soldiers and people of Israel. 


Click here for a beautiful prayer for peace for the Jewish People and the world by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

"G-d is Once Again Showing Us Miracles," Says Israel's 100-Year Old Torah Leader 

The highly respected 100-year-old Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, considered one of our generation’s greatest Torah scholars, recently spoke on Israel’s current war with Hamas.

“[At all times,] our whole life is a miracle, [but] in recent days we see miracles and wonders that surpass nature,” Rabbi Steinman was quoted as saying.


There isn’t a single person among the Jewish people who has not seen these miracles taking place across the Land of Israel now, Rabbi Steinman explained, and we must be genuinely aware of G-d’s interventions to protect us and save us.


Rabbi Steinman quoted Maimonides’ Torah commentary from the end of Parshas Bo (Exodus 10:1–13:16) that says the world is run by miracles, but we have become accustomed to them, referring to the day-to-day of the world as “natural.” However, the Rabbi continued, the so-called natural is in itself a miracle. The manna that fell from heaven daily in the desert is an example of this. The Jewish people knew the manna came from G-d, but they became so accustomed to it every day that they viewed it as something expected and normal.


“…All our life is a miracle,” added Rabbi Steinman. “[But] people do not notice it, because they have become acclimated to it, and that's what we say in prayer three times a day, “‘Your [G-d’s] miracles are with us every day; the entire world is a miracle.’"


Rabbi Steinman also said that during the time of Jeremiah the Prophet, people lacked trust in G-d. When asked why they were not engaged in Torah study, the people answered that they had to earn a living. Today, G-d is once again showing us miracles, said Rabbi Steinman, to remind and compel us to remember that even if we do not see with our own eyes, it is all miracles. See more at:

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