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More Amazing Miracle Stories

"After Mid-Air Collision, Israeli Pilot Lands F-15 on One Wing 

The above video recounts the incredible 1983 story of how an Israeli F-15 pilot successfully landed his plane with only one wing. The pilot survived a mid-air collision during a routine exercise that, unbeknownst to him, tore off one of his aircraft's wings. Despite overwhelming odds, the IDF pilot was able to land his plane safely, without injuring anyone on board.  

"We went into Gaza and G-d went into Gaza with us."   
Ariel Siegelman, IDF soldier
"G-d of the Jews steers rockets
off course."

Rabbi Sholom Tendler wrote the following:

“One of my younger brothers is currently learning in the Mir Yerushalyim. The Yeshiva has a summer program in which they take the bochurim [students] on trips during the afternoons. Last week, they visited the Barkan winery near Yerushalayim. The guide…mentioned that they are about to start the crush for this season. For those of you who don't know anything about wine, grapes are usually harvested in mid-late September and last about a month. However, the guide explained that with Shmitta starting this Rosh HaShana, hbal"t, they want to do the harvest before Shmitta starts. He then went on to nonchalantly mention that even though the harvest really only takes a few short weeks, they are starting now…7 weeks before Rosh HaShana…because of a strange phenomenon - that even with the dry, drought-wrought winter this past year, which is usually a death blow to many grape vines (this is what the guide actually said) - they actually have a double crop to harvest and therefore need to start even extra earlier. My brother wanted to make sure he heard this right so he asked him, ‘Did you say double? Is that normal?’ The guide shrugged and said simply that it happened before, 7 years ago, and then added in Hebrew, “This always happens before the Shmitta year.’     


As reported by Breitbart News, Israeli soldiers were searching in a mosque in Gaza for tunnels, weapons, ect. when a door opened and a female suicide bomber walked into the room ready to explode herself near the soldiers. One of the soldiers realized that his end was near and screamed "Shema Yisroel!" Upon hearing those two words, the female bomber began to tremble and was unable to carry out her mission. The soldiers siezed the woman and dismantled her bomb. After questioning her, they discovered she is the daughter of a woman who is Jewish. Her mother had married an Arab in Israel and was smuggled into Gaza after the wedding against her will. From then on, her mother endured a life of abuse and humiliation and was essentially a captive. The woman said she has two younger siblings who also were suffering terribly. She told the army where her siblings were as well as the location of more terror tunnels, who sent her to bomb soldiers and other information. The army was able to get this woman and the two small children to a safe place in Israel where they can get more help.  


A senior Hamas official was interviewed by CNN and was asked why his over 3000 guided missles fired into Israel had killed only one Israeli civilian. The reporter asked, "Don't your people know how to aim?" The Hamas official answered

that all of their missiles are guided and tested, and those who launch them are experts, but the G-d of the Jews steers them off course. The CNN reporter continued to ask, "If you understand that their G-d is protecting them, why do you keep launching missiles?"


The Hamas terrorist answered, "We're probing for a time when the Jews don't pray so that their G-d does not favor them."


From an article by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher

Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

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